Metrology for Integrated marine maNagement and Knowledge-transfer nEtwork

INFRAIA-02-2020: Integrating Activities for Starting Communities


Leading marine metrology RIs

Minke will integrate key European marine metrology research infrastructures, to coordinate their use and development and propose an innovative framework of “quality of oceanographic data” for the different European actors in charge of monitoring and managing the marine ecosystems.


Fresh approach to data quality

Minke proposes a new vision in the design of marine monitoring networks considering two dimensions of data quality, accuracy and completeness, as the driving components of the quality in data acquisition, to provide finally the most reliable measurements in Ocean & Costal Observation Systems.

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Multilayer monitoring strategy

Minke aims to develop this multilayer monitoring strategy, in the framework of the quintuple helix model, to be linked with the three activities of the project: Networking, Transnational Access and Joint Research.

5 Helix Model of Innovation


The different components of the quadruple helix (Research, Industry and Government and the Civil Society) will provide the target communities for the Networking Activities (NA). MINKE will allow better use of existing research infrastructures (RIs) and stimulate collaboration across research fields, production systems, and national borders.


The context of the natural environment (Ocean health) will provide the environmental challenges to be used as thematic monitoring pilots in the Transnational and Virtual Access (TNA-VA). MINKE will promote key EU marine calibration, experimental facilities and participatory platforms.


The methods to combine and integrate different data streams coming from the proposed multilayer monitoring strategy will be developed in the Joint Research Activities (JRA) to produce advanced data products for end-users and stakeholders. This project will improve the information quality for EOVs and cost/benefit ratio of marine monitoring services provided by MINKE RIs.


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Project funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Programme (2014-2020)
Grant Agreement No. 101008724