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MINKE TNA first call will give the first in-person access to the CNR-ISMAR Calibration Laboratory in La Spezia (Italy)

By May 18, 2022May 24th, 2022No Comments

CNR-ISMAR is starting to prepare for the implementation of the TNA project “CTD-CMED: Calibration of CTD for continuous monitoring in the Central Mediterranean Sea”. The project has been proposed by Dr. Sana Ben Ismail from the Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer (Salambôo, Tunisia) in response to the 1st MINKE TNA call. The applicants requested to access the infrastructure ID4.2 ISC-Lab – ISMAR Calibration Laboratory (CNR) with an in-person modality of access.

The proposal is intended as a preliminary step for hydrological measurements cruises, where CTD-rosette systems are routinely used to measure water column properties. In addition INSTM is asking to calibrate two CTD and Temperature sensor used in their Ferry Box System.

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The main advantage of using the Calibration Laboratory of CNR-ISMAR is that, compared to sending the sensors to the manufacturers, shipping costs from Tunisia are greatly reduced. This adds to the availability at CNR-ISMAR of a dedicated team composed of technicians who prepares and operates the calibration of CTD, who programs and supervises cruises, formats and distributes the data at the end of the cruises.

Such a project is envisaged to be the start for stronger future collaborations between CNR-ISMAR in Italy and INSTM in Tunisia, looking at their strategic positions in the Central Mediterranean and their similar reciprocal areas and fields of interest (operational oceanography, ocean forecasting).


For further information: Mireno Borghini (, Anna Vetrano (, Katrin Schroeder (