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Susan Hartman, from NOC, arranged a side event at Southampton’s ‘Ocean Business’ on the 14th October, to discuss ‘Projects such as MINKE and iFADO with a focus on the PAP-SO’. The workshop was attended by scientists and engineers within both projects, along with representatives of external companies, including SubCtech , Seabird , Planet Ocean  , Clearwater and EcoSUB . Francisco Campuzano presented the iFADO project ( )  and Susan Hartman presented MINKE.

The aim of this event was to show the TNA opportunities at NOC, and to discuss the range of measurements made at the open ocean PAP-SO site ( This site (49N, 16.5W, in the northeast Atlantic) links UK Met office  data with biogeochemical, year round particle flux and benthic time series data (at 4850m depth). The biogeochemical surface and subsurface measurements include temperature, salinity, nutrients, pH, light, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide. The PAP-SO is part of the EMSO  and ICOS  research infrastructures. Annual occupations of the PAP-SO site are an opportunity for additional sampling, and to deploy autonomous vehicles such as gliders and floats.

A PAP-SO poster was shown throughout the Ocean Business event (12th-14th October) on the iFADO stand. There was a further workshop on the stand, with utonaut An Autonaut unmanned surface vehicle (USV) is currently en route to the PAP-SO, after surveying the west of Scotland and Ireland. This will be a long demonstration mission of an autonomous vehicle and an opportunity to compare data at fixed ocean stations such as the CLASS funded ( PAP-SO.